Give A Wedding Gift Of Heirloom Quality Stained Glass

Give A Wedding Gift Of Heirloom Quality Stained Glass

Stained Glass For Spring Weddings In Kansas City

With spring here and summer just around the corner, you can feel the love in the air! Spring is a fantastic time: birds chirping and flowers blooming. It is a time for renewal and new beginnings and for people in Kansas with soon to be brides and grooms in the family–it is absolutely the time for weddings. We are very far into wedding season but if you are similar to us, you likely have a bunch of wedding invites stuck to your fridge and at least a couple of weekends reserved for the weddings of a few special couples this summer.

The Unique Wedding Gifts Of Stained Glass

Wedding gifts can be hard to find for any couple getting married, but let’s face it, It is that much harder trying to find a gift for people who are near and dear to you. You want something unique and meaningful to show how much you care. Of course, there registries and they can help guide you at least, but gifts from registries never seem special and are arguably predictable and borderline boring. If you are pursuing registries for that special couple’s gift and just aren’t finding that special something, it is time to consider something no one else will even think to give from us here at here at Kansas City Stained Glass. A meaningful present that will become an heirloom down the road is–a custom stained glass window or panel. This is an awesome gift idea for those you love the most and it will have the newlywed couple smiling and maybe even shedding tears of joy when they open it. It is such a wonderful way to mark the beginning of a couple’s life together and can take on special meaning when you customize to them.

Ways to customize stained glass as a wedding gift are:

Monograms: Have the first letter of the couple’s last name stylized in a field design of your choice.
Wedding Date: There is no better way to memorialize a wedding than to have the date included on a beautiful stained glass window or panel.
Wedding Colors: The colors a couple chose for their wedding are likely their favorite, so having a stained glass window or panel made with them is a sure bet.
Engagement Picture: Stained glass can be made to mimic a real life picture to memorialize the bride and groom in a stylish way.

Kansas City Stained Glass For Your Wedding Gifts

No matter how you choose to use stained glass to mark the special day the bride and groom will recognize and appreciate the loving thought that went into their gift. However, if you just don’t feel sure on choosing the size, color or style–don’t worry, we can help. Many people who come to us decide the best way to give the bride and groom exactly what they want is by giving them a gift certificate for custom stained glass This means they are able to pick out what they want to have made, to fit the area of their choosing, to memorialize their big day. If the price tag of a stained glass panel or window is a bit high for your budget a great idea is to consider giving the stained glass as a group gift–so many different friends or family members can participate in giving something special!

If you live in the Kansas City area and are looking for a unique, wedding gift to mark the wedding of someone you love, contact Kansas City Stained Glass today to discuss a custom stained glass wedding design today!

Martin Faith is from Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Martin has been practicing the art of making stained glass windows for over thirty years and is a collector of antique works. His excellent craftmanship and extensive knowledge of the art form, including the required techniques for glassmaking, styles, and history of stained glass make him an expert in his field. Martin owns one of the largest stained glass window studios in the country. The company specializes in stained glass repair and restoration, religious stained glass, commercial stained glass, and custom residential stained and leaded glass. Together, Martin and his team have created hundreds of stained glass windows for homes and buildings in the Kansas City area.

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