Stained Glass Windows Lawrence



Lawrence Stained Glass Windows

Make Scottish Stained Glass a centerpiece in your home with the style and flair only found in Lawrence, Kansas. Any art connoisseur can distinguish an original, handcrafted work of art from a reproduction. Add the luster of a gallery quality stained glass masterpiece, made by our local artisans, as a conversation piece in your doors, sidelights, transoms or even kitchen cabinets.

Riveting with color or creating soft, subtle contrast with our textured glass, our local designers will work with you to create a custom piece that satisfies your taste, speaks to your unique style and reflects your personality. Let our stained glass panels become your personal canvas to rival that of any gallery found on Mass Street or anywhere in Lawrence. Our designs will spring into life with bevel clusters creating an array of colors that will dance and play in the sunshine. Add a brush of color with our amber glass and watch it gleam like a golden jewel in your home.

Custom crafted by local artisans, our stained glass will be a timeless addition to your Lawrence home. Whether you are under the geometric persuasion of linear lines and shapes or drawn to the contemporary appeal of abstract designs, to the more classic patterns of Art Nuevo or Art deco, or even the graceful contours of traditional designs, our stained glass covers a gamut of styles. Some of Scottish Stained Glass original masterpieces have even included a custom Jayhawk for an avid KU fan that was one of our first customers 20 some years ago! The possibilities are endless!

Inspired by the natural beauty of the parks and lakes near Lawrence, Scottish Stained Glass derives many of our most organic designs from our natural surroundings. Let our stained glass designers create a piece of art with the pop and splash of your favorite flora and fauna as seen at Clinton Lake State Park. Scottish Stained Glass can also create windows using clear, textured glass that will draw colors from your landscape, while maintaining privacy, pulling your outdoor palette inside. Our stained glass is as diverse as Lawrence; inspired by art, culture, nature, historical influences and even local mascots!

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