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Stained Glass Windows Olathe

The crossing of the Oregon, California and Sante Fe Trails makes Olathe the grand junction of culture and history. The graceful contour of our traditional stained glass designs reflect the prominent designs of many historical influences. Scottish Stained Glass also specializes in a myriad of other styles including Mission/Craftsman style designs best associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, to the contemporary appeal of abstract designs, to the more classic patterns of Art Nuevo or Art Deco styles.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the lakes and parks synonymous with Olathe, Scottish Stained Glass derives many of our most organic designs from our natural surroundings. Let our stained glass designers create a piece of art with the pop and splash of your favorite flora and fauna as seen in Olathe. Scottish Stained Glass can also create windows using clear, textured glass that will draw colors from your landscape, while maintaining privacy, pulling your outdoor pallet inside.

Our custom stained glass can match any existing style or glazing in your home. Have a flair for design and particular about details? No problem. Our local designers will work with you to create a custom piece that satisfies your taste, speaks to your flavor and reflects your personality while appealing to many styles.

Inspired by the riveting colors of the hot air balloons speckling the sky in Olathe? Let Scottish Stained Glass make a showpiece for your home with the same gumption and zest for color. Imagine the geometric persuasion of linear lines and shapes or the curves of circular patterns as a stained glass conversation piece in the entry of your home.

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