Beveled stained glass for your Kansas City home.

Beveled stained glass for your Kansas City home.

Stained glass comes in an amazing variety of different styles and colors. That is one of the secrets to its enduring popularity over the years. However, not everyone wants vividly colored glass becoming the focal point of a room. And many people, although they love the look of stained glass in a church, cannot imagine that sort of thing in their own homes. We understand. But if you are a stained glass fan, do not give up on the idea of owning a stained glass window. There are many options that would work in your home!

The good news is that there are other options for stained glass windows that incorporate clear glass, yet can be just as beautiful and eye catching (not to mention light catching) as colored stained glass. Specifically, we’re talking about beveled stained glass. For residents of Kansas City, beveled stained glass is a phenomenal option for the home because it uses clear glass that can fit in with absolutely any color scheme or decor.

By now, you might be wondering, “what exactly is beveled stained glass?” So let’s talk about bevels! Usually, a piece of glass is cut at a 90 degree angle, making a straight edge. Most stained glass pieces are done that way. But with beveled glass, the edges are actually cut in a specific angle that catches and refracts the light differently. Beveled glass gives a lovely sense of texture to a stained glass window, and when the sun shines through it, it will actually create prisms of lovely colors in a way that normal glass does not.


In our stained glass studio in Kansas City, beveled stained glass is one of our most popular requests. It creates a classic, slightly antique look to a stained glass window that our customers truly seem to love. Beveled stained glass is perfect for any area where you get a lot of sun, because that will show it off to its best advantage. This might be your entryway, your living room, perhaps even your bathroom to offer more privacy and more style at the same time.

Take a look at some photos of beveled glass windows we have done for our previous customers. Click on any image to enlarge and see the detail of the bevels in the glass.

For homeowners (and business owners) in Kansas City, beveled stained glass might be just what you’ve been looking for to take your décor to the next level of elegance and beauty. If you would like to arrange a design consultation with one of our talented design staff, why not give us a call today!

Martin Faith is from Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Martin has been practicing the art of making stained glass windows for over thirty years and is a collector of antique works. His excellent craftmanship and extensive knowledge of the art form, including the required techniques for glassmaking, styles, and history of stained glass make him an expert in his field. Martin owns one of the largest stained glass window studios in the country. The company specializes in stained glass repair and restoration, religious stained glass, commercial stained glass, and custom residential stained and leaded glass. Together, Martin and his team have created hundreds of stained glass windows for homes and buildings in the Kansas City area.

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