Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows for Privacy & Elegance in Your Kansas City Bathroom

Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows for Privacy & Elegance in Your Kansas City Bathroom

Kansas City Homeowners, are you looking for a privacy solution to your bathroom that doesn’t include blinds? Tired of that moisture ruining the curtains or drapes in your Kansas City bathroom? Are you looking for an element of added elegance as well? Leaded and beveled glass windows are the solution for your Kansas City bathroom!

Why Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows for Your Kansas City Bathroom?

Leaded glass, often refers to clear, textured stained glass, offers the best privacy solution for your Kansas City bathroom. Leaded glass blocks out all unwanted views, giving you and your family comfort in your own bathroom. Another wonderful advantage of leaded glass is that it allows all that beautiful Kansas sunlight into your bathroom! No need for tacky blinds or mildew covered curtains, leaded stained glass gives you both privacy and that touch of elegance.

Beveled glass, a clear glass that is ground and polished around the edges, gives a prismatic effect as well as a rainbow effect whenever sun shines through the glass. Beveled glass is frequently used in combination with leaded glass to create a beautiful, timeless look, perfect for really making your bathroom into an oasis. Beveled glass also blocks unwanted views, making it the perfect privacy stained glass combination!

Leaded & Beveled Glass Elevates Your Kansas City Bathroom

Kansas City homeowners agree that elegance is key for any bathroom decor and design. Leaded and beveled glass are the perfect addition to your Kansas City bathroom, there’s no other window options that possess sheer beauty and elegance like this one. Stained glass windows gives every Kansas City homeowner the opportunity to create a custom piece of art and the ability to really curate the theme of their home.

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