Stained glass for your basement can enhance your style.

Stained glass for your basement can enhance your style.

Let’s face it. Many basements, even once they are fully finished and furnished, still lack certain elements that change them from just ok to wow. And if the rest of your house is a “wow,” this can inhibit you from getting the most use and enjoyment from your basement. We’d be willing to be you’ve never considered basement stained glass.

But here’s why you should. You might have classy carpet, fabulous furnishings, a snazzy new coat of paint on your basement walls, you might have even added a full or half-bathroom during your basement remodel. But what can you do about those ugly little basement windows? You don’t want to cover them, because they are the only source of natural light. But you don’t really want to see them either. Because . . . they are . . . ugly. And the view outside them is usually either a dreary window well, or the bottom end of a bush! Hardly an inspiring view.

One way you can enhance your basement’s look in a major way is by taking those windows from ugly to lovely with basement stained glass. In particular, by adding custom stained glass from Kansas City Stained Glass.

Imagine those windows with a stunning Celtic knot design, in frosted and textured glasses that still let any available sunlight through. If you have a walk out basement, perhaps with a sliding glass door, you could carry the same theme and have custom stained glass doors.

Now, depending on what you have designed your basement to be, you could use basement stained glass in many different ways. If you’ve designed it to be a “party” space, perhaps you have a bar against one side of the room? Imagine a colorful stained glass backdrop, perhaps incorporating a family crest, behind the bar. That would rock your basement’s décor, wouldn’t it!

What if part of your basement is designed to be an office space for one member of the family. But the problem is, when you sit in that space, there’s no light. It’s claustrophobic. Imagine having a stained glass door to that room, incorporating clear glass and colors, so that the light can penetrate, but you still have a sense of privacy.

Most people do not think of stained glass as a practical solution to a wide variety of design challenges. And particularly not with basement stained glass. We at Kansas City Stained Glass would love to change that, because we have seen just how practical a solution it can be.

Perhaps this post has got your imagination stirring? Perhaps you have an idea for basement stained glass that we’ve never even thought of?

We’d love to talk to you about our custom stained glass. Many of our best ideas are not really ours, they come from our excited and creative clients. Call us today for a free, in-home consultation for your new, custom, basement stained glass.

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