Overland Park Stained Glass Windows



Overland Park Stained Glass

Inspired by the natural beauty of the botanical gardens synonymous with Overland Park, Scottish Stained Glass derives many of our most organic designs from our natural surroundings. Let our stained glass designers create a piece of art with the pop and splash of your favorite flora and fauna as seen at the Overland Park Arboretum. Scottish Stained Glass can also create windows using clear, textured glass that will draw colors from your landscape, while maintaining privacy, pulling your outdoor palette inside. Our stained glass is as diverse as Overland Park; inspired by art, culture, farmers markets, wineries, as well as historical influences.

Make your home your sanctuary with spa-inspired luxury in your master bath, a tropical oasis in your atrium, or add whimsical decadence to your master bedroom, greeting you in the morning with sunlight dancing on your walls.

Let Scottish Stained Glass make the first impression in your home. Any art connoisseur can distinguish an original, handcrafted work of art from a reproduction. Add the luster of a gallery quality stained glass masterpiece, made by our local artisans, as a conversation piece in your front entry.

Our custom stained glass can match any existing style or glazing in your home. Have a flair for design and particular about details? No problem. Our local designers will work with you to create a custom piece that satisfies your taste, speaks to your flavor and reflects your personality while appealing to a myriad of styles.

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