Stained glass windows for your Kansas City garage.

Stained glass windows for your Kansas City garage.

Do you have a favorite style that you have worked hard to keep consistent throughout your entire Kansas City home? If you do, you already know what a classy and elegant look this adds to your home’s appearance.

Frequently, the first place people contact us about stained glass is for their entryway – the front door, any sidelights next to the door, and the transom window over the front door, if there is one. We hear over and over how stunned our Kansas City clients are as to what a difference the addition of custom stained glass makes to the appearance and value of their home.

They ask us, “What else can we do with stained glass, to carry this motif even further?”

One of the things we have started to suggest is stained glass garage windows. Yes, that screams luxury, doesn’t it! It carries the sophisticated look of your entryway across more of your home and creates a high-end look that will be the envy of everyone on your block.

And don’t forget any window in the garage door that leads to the house or the yard, either. You can always continue to unify the look with a stained glass window there as well.


All of this begs the question, how much stained glass is too much. Obviously, we are going to say you can never have too much. But you don’t want your home looking like a museum or a church, do you? Perhaps the most elegant design you can have, that will unify the entire look of your home without being too much (if such a thing exists), would be clear, colorless stained glass. You can have any style or pattern you want, but the glass itself will be frosted, textured, perhaps even etched or beveled.

If your garage door already has glass inserts, we will bond the new stained glass designs to the inside of the existing glass. If your garage door doesn’t have any glass, contact us and let’s talk about how you can still have stained glass inserts.

Stained glass for your garage definitely sounds like a strange idea, the first time you hear it. But we’ve noticed a trend among higher end homes to have every aspect of the exterior with a unified design, even the garage. So adding stained glass garage windows immediately give your home the look of a higher end home, the look of a carefully and exquisitely designed home, the look of individuality.

Please contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass to find out more about stained glass garage door windows and inserts. We have over twenty years experience in providing the highest quality and most beautiful custom stained glass – for any area of your home.

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