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We are proud to be the leading expert specializing in Dalle de Verre in Kansas City. Dalle de Verre is an exquisite art form that is becoming increasingly rare. Though it has been around for decades, few artists today have working knowledge of this technique. Kansas City Stained Glass is proud to be able to offer both design and restoration services for Dalle Glass.


Dalle de Verre

Dalle de Verre is a type of stained glass that uses thick slabs of faceted glass cut in various shapes and sizes to produce a mosaic effect. The technique originated in 1930 in France and was invited by artist Jean Gaudin.

Dalle de Verre literally means “slabs of glass.” Therefore, it makes sense that the pieces of glass used for these works are very thick and heavy. Artists cut them from a large slab, then form them into shape and chisel them to produce a jagged edge. Then, the glass is arranged in a pattern and laid out on a bed of sand. Epoxy is poured over the sand to produce a strong mortar that secures the glass in place. Then, more sand is added between the grooves to fill in all the gaps. When finished, the glass looks almost like colorful tiles with grout in between.


Dalle Glass Repair & Restoration

In the 1960’s, Dalle de Verre became widely popular in the U.S., especially in the southernmost and western region of the country. Today, it is not uncommon to find Dalle de Verre in Kansas City that is over 50 years old. Unfortunately, it is around this time that Dalle Glass needs to be restored.

Issues that we often see with Dalle Glass once it begins to decline are crumbling epoxy, cracked glass, and loose pieces. To restore Dalle Glass, the pieces of glass must be cut out and the epoxy replaced. Usually, we prefer to complete this process in phases to preserve the aesthetic of the composition since it can be rather time-intensive.

Restoring Dalle Glass not only makes it look better, but also makes it stronger and reduces the risk of safety hazards.


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