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Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

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Stained glass windows are built to be able to withstand the elements. Most stained glass artists understand that the window will inevitably be subjected to heat, moisture, and freezing temperatures, especially if the exterior facade is exposed. Therefore, a good glassmaker will take measures to protect the window. Nevertheless, stained glass is still breakable.

At Kansas City Stained Glass, we are proud to offer our expert services for not only new window designs, but also to repair damaged pieces. For us, being able to preserve these beautiful works of art is not only an honor, but also a pleasure.

The process of repairing and cleaning stained glass is delicate. It’s important to work with an experienced glass company to ensure that all work is completed correctly. As a company with over 25 years of experience, we can confidently state that we are well-qualified to perform this complex and intricate process.

Stained Glass Restoration

Antique stained glass windows, especially those build more than 50 years ago, often deteriorate over time. If you have an old window, you may have noticed the leadwork bending or breaking, which can lead to cracked or broken glass panes as well. No matter where you are seeing damage in your antique piece, our experts can help.

Our experienced builders will treat your window with the great care needed to preserve both its’ original character and appeal, as well as its’ value. The last thing you need is for your prized stained glass to be lowered in value because of the restoration process! We have completed thousands of restoration projects including re-leading windows, adding structural support, and replacing glass panes throughout.

We have access to hundreds of glass colors and textures, and we can always match the original glass type and color used in your window.

stained glass repair kansas city

Stained Glass Repair

Life happens, and sometimes even your newer stained glass can break. While we take measures to ensure that every window is as stable as possible, we simply can’t always protect against everyday mishaps like dogs jumping on your windows, for example. No matter what happened, our team can always repair your window whether it’s a big break, or something small.

We also offer a removal service for every repair we complete- if your window is installed, it’s important that expert remove the piece. Our installers have experience working with stained glass, and we can ensure that your window is not further damaged.

Stained Glass Restoration due to Deterioration of Lead

Stained glass is actually a very tough material.   In fact, it is downright durable. Meaning the stained glass itself on your Kansas City home will not deteriorate over time although it could breakage.  Usually the cause of stained glass window failure is the deterioration of the leading, which holds the individual pieces of glass together. This is because lead reacts with both air and moisture, oxidizes and then becomes brittle.   Lead will also sag over time from the weight of the glass and causing lead support structures to fail. However, this type of disrepair process takes about 60 to 120 years. So, by the time your stained glass needs to be restored, it is usually already an antique so restoring and/or repairing your Denver church or home vintage stained glass is well worth your time and effort.  

Hail Damage to Stained Glass

While hail is extremely damaging to stained glass windows–it is usually not terminal.  Should you get hail damage to the stained glass on your Kansas City church, or even home, we are a good partner to help you with repairs.  Our process begins with removing the hail-damaged panels, fixing glass pieces that are redeemable, creating new glass panels to replace those too bad to repair, re-leading the pieces then re-installing the entire windows.  After we complete the job of repairing your hail damaged church stained glass we also install an extra layer of glass to protect the window from being damaged again.

Wind Damage to Stained Glass

Older stained glass here in Kansas City was usually built directly into home and churches. If these windows are the originals no protecting was installed with them.  This means they are at the mercy of the elements. Beyond hail, wind is one of the major causes of stained glass failure. Wind, obviously, could propel objects to strike and break stained glass.  However, it also stretches the glass’s support structure–namely the lead. The leading begins to stretch from constant wind exposure and this leads bowing, giving a concave appearance to a stained glass window. If left like this for too long, the stained glass on your Kansas City home or church could very well fall out and/or crack.  Stained glass restoration and repairs are the solutions to wind wear issues. Our process starts with removing the stained glass, then restoring it (either by flattening the glass or replacing the lead) and finally reassembling it using the existing glass pieces.

Re-Leading to Restore Stained Glass

As mentioned,  the solution to most issues regarding stained glass windows usually involving re-leading the panels of the window. Re-leading is a process that involves removing old lead and replacing it with new lead.  When we do this we use better materials and improved techniques–which means your Denver stained glass window should last even longer. While we are re-leading we remove each piece of original glass and clean them.  After the stained glass cleaning process is finished, and the glass leaded back into place, the look of the stained glass window will amaze you. It will look markedly better. The stained glass in your Kansas City home or church will look like new again, with incredible luster and shine. If done correctly a stained glass restoration will last for 100+ years before needing another round or restoration or repairs.

Stained Glass Restoration for Churches in Kansas City

Some of the world’s most beautiful stained glass windows reside in churches. Church stained glass windows are often larger than those found in homes and sometimes more valuable as well. This is especially true if they have been painted by a famous artist or the glass is high quality. If your church stained glass has been damaged, repairs may seem daunting but they can very well be worth it in the end. You may surprised to learn how much your church members cherish the stained glass and are willing to donate to the cause.

At Kansas City Stained Glass, we understand the sensitive nature of these matters, and are here to lend our assistance. We will work closely alongside your church to help you find the best path for completing the repairs, whatever that may be. We will be happy to collaborate with the board members or leaders at your church to help you get the assistance you need.

Exterior Protective Covers for Protecting Your Stained Glass

We utilize premium aluminum systems for delivering the best protection available for your stained glass windows. Similar to commercial storefront systems, our aluminum framing systems can house different types of protective covers like plexiglass, plate, laminate, and tempered glass. These systems can be installed on any existing building and follow the lines of your stained glass.

Our systems are available in a variety of finishes including white, dark bronze, metal finish, and custom colors. The modern, sleek look also helps improve your curb appeal. With ventilation built into these frames, we no longer have to create custom ventilation through your window frames or glass.

Another advantage of these systems is that they offer low maintenance requirements. They additionally protect your window frames so you can skip repainting them every few years. This provides a great option for minimizing costs in the future while ensuring the protection you need. If your protective glass is ever damaged, the beauty of these systems is that they can be easily removed and replaced. Enjoy this permanent, maintenance-free solution.

Kansas City Stained Glass Experts

If you have any questions about our repair process, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information! We can often give you a quote on your repair or restoration simply by looking at photos of your damaged piece, and we will get the process started right away!

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