Antique stained glass for your Kansas City Home.


Antique stained glass for your Kansas City Home.

Many homes in Kansas City have a historical style that is perfect for antique style stained glass. Antique stained glass styles can complement the look of your existing decor with custom designs, specially designed and hand crafted for your home. Installing antique stained glass can give your home some added flair that would look beautiful in any room, particularly a room that has been furnished with antiques. Or a home where you have decorated purposely to show off the architecture and details of an older building.

Stained glass as an art form has been around for hundreds of years. Many of those antique pieces are still intact, still in use even today. There are antique stained glass designs that were done for churches that have become huge tourist attractions all over Europe and around the world. And there are older Kansas City homes that were built generations ago with stained glass, and many of these windows are still in use today.

But what if you love love love the look of antique stained glass, but your home did not come with any? The simple solution? Kansas City Stained Glass will make you a custom window in an antique style. Because we use special dark leads and have access to a huge variety of types of glass, we can make something brand new that has that antique flair.


When we talk about antique stained glass, we are not talking about just one style. The stained glass masters of old did many different styles. Which one appeals to you? To see some of our own antique stained glass collection, click here. Any of these pieces can be replicated, or used as an inspiration for a new “antique” design.

Have you seen a piece of antique stained glass that was just so stunning, you wished you could own it? Well, if you have a photo of it, you could have something very similar in your own home. Depending on the particular pattern, antique stained glass looks fantastic in a wide array of homes, from Victorian mansions to Arts and Crafts style cottages. Depending on your décor, a piece of antique stained glass can even look phenomenal in a new, more modern looking home. It will truly add an eclectic feel when you mix and match styles like that.

For more information about antique stained glass and how you can have this style in your own home (or office, of course), please contact Kansas City Stained Glass today. We will set up an in-home appointment for you with one of our experienced stained glass designers. We’d love to earn your business, regardless of what style of stained glass you love the best.

Martin Faith is from Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Martin has been practicing the art of making stained glass windows for over thirty years and is a collector of antique works. His excellent craftmanship and extensive knowledge of the art form, including the required techniques for glassmaking, styles, and history of stained glass make him an expert in his field. Martin owns one of the largest stained glass window studios in the country. The company specializes in stained glass repair and restoration, religious stained glass, commercial stained glass, and custom residential stained and leaded glass. Together, Martin and his team have created hundreds of stained glass windows for homes and buildings in the Kansas City area.

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