5 Beautiful Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Kansas City Homes

5 Beautiful Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Kansas City Homes

Wanting to create a beautiful sanctuary in your home can offer many opportunities for boosting curb appeal, property value, and the general comfort level of building occupants. For those looking to improve their homes, one of the most common places to remodel is the bathroom. This is especially true for master bathrooms as homeowners love to create a magical getaway. A worthy investment for creating a dream bathroom is stained glass. The functional yet eye-catching investment offers a lot of benefits for Kansas City homes.

Bathrooms Stained Glass Choices for Your Kansas City Home

KCSG1 depicts a mission-style stained glass window with three matching panels. The panels are mostly comprised of leaded glass with hints of yellow and white throughout. The simple yet sophisticated design is ideal for privacy and aesthetics.

KCSG2 shows the most effective stained glass option available for privacy concerns. A full-colored panel offers complete privacy by blocking unwanted views into the bathroom. This stunning design is feminine and elegant, providing incredible illumination against the stark white bathroom.

KCSG3 is a bathroom solution for those with sliding windows. You can choose to install stained glass in both panels or one, creating complete custom privacy for your needs. This leaded glass panel offers bevels and textured components.

KCSG4 displays how versatile this medium is. We love getting creative and finding ways to tie the entire bathroom design together. This peacock design is so eye-catching and provides complete privacy between the tub and shower area.

KCDG5 is a simple diamond design leaded glass window with three panels. Having three panels gives the opportunity to do either matching or cohesive, different panels.

Work With Kansas City’s Leading Bathroom Stained Glass Artists

Kansas City Stained Glass is proud to be the leading bathroom stained glass artist serving the Missouri and Kansas area. Our team is happy or help you bring your dream to reality. Contact us today!

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