Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Kansas City residents agree that the local art scene is thriving and vast. Locals definitely have an appreciation for aesthetics and are always looking for a way to make their Kansas City homes stand out. Have you been considering stained glass but aren’t exactly sure where the perfect placement would be in your home? Here’s our top five favorite places to install stained glass in any Kansas City home; we hope to inspire you on your next renovation!

1. Stained Glass Cabinet Inserts

Cabinet doors are always a great starter renovation project- they’re relatively quick and can really transform your kitchen’s current look. With endless styling and color options, you can really utilize stained glass in creating whatever style you’re looking for.

2. Leaded Glass Entryway Sidelights

Leaded glass, clear stained glass, are wonderful additions to any Kansas City entryway sidelight. While offering an effective privacy option, leaded glass allows significant amounts of sunlight into your entryway creating that grand entry effect.

3. Home Bars Featuring Stained Glass

Kansas City home bars are a great place to feature stained glass. Whether it’s in the cabinet doors, customized family crests, or in basement window wells, the endless design and styling options make stained glass a great addition to any home bar.

4. Leaded Glass Privacy Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms inherently need privacy, making it very difficult to pair seclusion with aesthetics. Leaded glass windows obscure any views from outside your home while offering a tasteful decorative element that allows in significant amounts of sunlight. No need to worry about mildew covered drapes or tacky blinds that don’t offer 100% privacy.

5. Stained Glass Ceiling Panels

Stained glass ceiling panels are an unique addition to any kitchen, skylight, or ceiling light. Whether you’d like to add a touch of color to a certain room or control the sunshine from a skylight, stained glass gives you the creative standpoint to do both.

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