Stained glass installation experts

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Stained glass installation experts

With custom designed stained glass, Kansas City homes and businesses can have windows or doors created in absolutely any style, any pattern, any design, any colors or types of glass. With over 60,000 stained glass installations under our belt, we believe we have earned the right to be considered experts.

From our unique designs to our highest possible quality workmanship, our products have been exceeding clients’ wildest expectations for over twenty years. The installation process is very important to us as well. We always tailor our installation methods to the location as well as the size and weight of the windows to be installed. With our stained glass, Kansas City clients know that their new windows or doors will be a perfect fit and will be installed in such a way as to stand the test of time.

We also do religious stained glass for churches, chapels, cathedrals, temples, and other religious institutions. With this type of stained glass, Kansas City churches might have commissioned massive windows that are extremely heavy. We know that these large and tremendously heavy stained glass pieces can succumb to the pull of gravity over time, so our installations are done in such a way as to ensure the stained glass will last. We use special steel supports in the frame that are placed against the window to be as unobtrusive as possible—but to ensure that the weight is fully supported.

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We do not install the stained glass into an empty window frame, but to the inside of a clear pane of glass for protection. This can be the existing glass that was already in the windows or it can be new glass if there was nothing there before.

Stained glass, Kansas City churches know, can also need repair or restoration as the years go by. Stained glass became extremely popular in the United States houses of worship after the turn of the twentieth century. This means that many older stained glass church windows are now in need of some TLC. We can uninstall the windows, restore them to their original beauty and give them even greater stability with our special installation techniques than they had before.

For stained glass, Kansas City homes, businesses, and religious institutions are invited to call and make an appointment with one of our design professionals. Our designer visits the client in home or office, working together with that client to create the perfect styles and designs. Why not contact us and set up your design consultation today for the most beautiful custom designed and hand crafted stained glass in Kansas City? We would love to earn your business.

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