Stained glass in your style


Stained glass in your style

With custom stained glass, Kansas City homeowners and business owners (and churches, of course) can have gorgeous custom stained glass hand crafted to their specifications. We work in all your favorite styles, from floral designs to geometrics, from Art Deco to Celtic designs. No design is out of our ability.

So it all comes down to what you want. What is your favorite style of custom stained glass, Kansas City? It just so happens that Kansas City has many Art Deco buildings with striking stained glass windows. But for a home, many residents prefer something a bit more muted, a bit less “in your face.” That’s why most of the residential custom stained glass Kansas City homeowners’ commission is done colorless, using leaded and beveled stained glass. This colorless yet elegant style adds value, beauty, class, and distinctiveness wherever it is placed. And it matches not just with your current color scheme, but with any one you decide to change to at a later date.

Click here to see some of the stunning leaded and beveled custom stained glass Kansas City and other nationwide clients have commissioned from us in the past twenty years. These styles were inspired by the glass work in European palaces and American Victorian mansions. But they could just as well be inspired by you and your own ideas. Do you have a style you prefer? Have you seen a design you’d just love in your windows? Do you have an idea you would love to see turned into a three dimensional, tangible reality?

bathroom bevel glass

Custom stained glass, Kansas City customers know, doesn’t just come in one style. When we work with a client, we meet them at the place the stained glass will be installed, whether a home, an office, or any other space. We see the space, measure the windows, and talk style, design, and color with our clients. We’ll work up sketches and look at samples until that client gets exactly what they were looking for.

With our custom stained glass, Kansas City artisans are also a part of the process. Although we are part of the largest stained glass studio in the nation, we work with local designers and artisans to hand craft the most gorgeous, highest quality stained glass windows you can imagine.

In fact, that is the number one remark we hear from our custom clients after their new stained glass windows have been installed: “We couldn’t imagine they would be this beautiful!”

For more information about custom stained glass, Kansas City or across the state, please contact us today by phone or using our handy online form. We’d love to earn your business!

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