Custom art deco stained glass

Kansas City Stained Glass Art Deco

Custom art deco stained glass

Art Deco stained glass is a classic. It’s bold and stylish, colorful and dramatic, and it really seems to go with the city of Kansas City. With Art Deco stained glass, Kansas City homes and office spaces can bring a striking and unique accent into their spaces.

Art Deco, a design style characterized by the use of angular, symmetrical geometric forms, reached its heyday in the 1940s and began to wane in popularity after the Second World War. But then, it morphed into a classic, never really in or out of style, with many fans who never grow tired of its beauty and elegant lines. With Art Deco stained glass, Kansas City homeowners and business owners can create a focal point in a room, an eye catching design, or a bold statement.

Art Deco first came about as a reaction to the ornate look of the previous design style, known as Art Nouveau. Artists strove for a completely different look with their Deco designs. Today, Art Nouveau has a rather antique look to it, while Art Deco stays more contemporary in feel. Famous examples of Art Deco architecture include New York’s Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. The Kansas City Power and Light building is another example of Art Deco design.

We use both styles for our clients, depending on their preferences. Because we always do custom designs, clients who love Art Deco or Art Nouveau can have the looks they like, the looks that complement their décor and style of architecture.

KCSG-520 Kansas-City-Stained-Glass-art-deco

To take a look at some of each style, click on either of the following links.

Click here to see some of the Art Deco stained glass Kansas City and other nationwide clients have commissioned from us.

Click here to check out some of our beautiful custom Art Nouveau designs.

Which style do you like better? Which style would work better in your Kansas City home? When it comes to Art Deco stained glass in Kansas City, bold colors and clean lines rule the day. We can build you a custom Deco stained glass window or door in any shape or size, for any room in your home, office, or other commercial space. And the pattern can be either simple or elaborate. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of colors and types of glass.

For more information about Art Deco stained glass, Kansas City or any of the surrounding towns and suburbs, we hope that you will take the time to contact us today. Our design process begins with an appointment with one of our designers, in the comfort of your home or office. We’d love to show you how incredible Art Deco stained glass can look in your interiors.

Martin Faith is from Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Martin has been practicing the art of making stained glass windows for over thirty years and is a collector of antique works. His excellent craftmanship and extensive knowledge of the art form, including the required techniques for glassmaking, styles, and history of stained glass make him an expert in his field. Martin owns one of the largest stained glass window studios in the country. The company specializes in stained glass repair and restoration, religious stained glass, commercial stained glass, and custom residential stained and leaded glass. Together, Martin and his team have created hundreds of stained glass windows for homes and buildings in the Kansas City area.

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