What Is the Painted Glass Process?

What Is the Painted Glass Process?

Did you know that you can incorporate painted glass into any stained glass project? Painted elements can add beauty and distinction, creating visual interest in one-of-a-kind art. Painted glass can provide gorgeous detail work only achievable through this medium. Perfect for family crests, portraits, landscapes, and more, painted glass is perfect for any holiday gift. The painted glass process requires a lot of skill and patience but can be executed by the right stained glass studio.

The Painted Glass Process for Kansas City Properties

The painted glass process begins with extensive research in order to create the right reference points for the project. Whether you’re looking to create a portrait or a family crest, having valuable references can really provide the results you’re looking for. After working with our painted glass specialist, they’ll create hand sketches for your approval. Once you’ve approved a hand-sketched design, they’ll begin painting your masterpiece. Each layer of paint requires separate firing, taking a lot of patience and skill. Painted glass utilizes special paints that adhere to the glass better, providing better longevity. After all layers of paint have been completed, your painted glass will either be installed or turned into a hanging panel– whatever you prefer.

Work with Kansas City’s Preferred Painted Glass Artists

Kansas City Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred painted glass artists serving the Missouri-Kansas area. Work with the nation’s leading painted glass artists to achieve anything you can imagine. Our skilled artists are capable of creating your vision and bringing all of your ideas to fruition. Painted glass can enhance any stained glass design or offer a beautiful stand-alone option. Bring home the perfect gift for the holidays and enjoy one-of-a-kind art.

For more information regarding the painted glass process for your Kansas City property, please contact us!

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