Kansas City’s Premier Privacy Stained Glass Artisan

Kansas City’s Premier Privacy Stained Glass Artisan

Your home is your castle. It is a place all your own where you are free from the outside world. Often times the need to renovate your home comes from necessity, like new plumbing or new roof. But from time to time you choose to do an upgrade that speaks to your personal taste and adds a little something extra to the place where you spend the most of your time- your home. One such upgrade is the windows in your bathroom.

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows Add Privacy To Your Kansas City Home

If your home is your castle then your bathroom is certainly your throne. It is the only room where you are ever truly alone, as free from the frantic family activities in your house as you are from the hectic goings on in the world. But not all bathrooms are created equal and sometimes when you live in a city you don’t always have the privacy you want from your bathroom windows. Nothing ruins “me time” more than untimely and awkward eye contact with the neighbor next door when you are reaching for a towel! That is why adding stained glass windows to your bathroom is an upgrade not only in your home but in your quality of life. A stained glass window will add ambiance to your boudoir and privacy enough to make the outside world seem like a distant dream.

Kansas City Stained Glass: Kansas City’s Premier Stained Glass Artisans

When choosing a contractor for an upgrade as artful as stained or leaded glass windows, looking for experience is a must. With the right contractor, you will get the quality needed to enjoy the piece of art that is your window, as well as the quality that will make the window last for a very long time to come. Kansas City Stained Glass is a branch of Scottish Stained Glass, which is the largest custom glass studio in the country. We have over 20 years of experience and the most skilled craftsman in the field. In fact, we have done more than 75,000 windows over the years, so you can feel comfortable working with our team. We do everything from custom design to installation, which means one stop shopping for you. Contact us today to speak to a specialist and schedule a free in-home consultation!

Martin Faith is from Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capital of the world. Martin has been practicing the art of making stained glass windows for over thirty years and is a collector of antique works. His excellent craftmanship and extensive knowledge of the art form, including the required techniques for glassmaking, styles, and history of stained glass make him an expert in his field. Martin owns one of the largest stained glass window studios in the country. The company specializes in stained glass repair and restoration, religious stained glass, commercial stained glass, and custom residential stained and leaded glass. Together, Martin and his team have created hundreds of stained glass windows for homes and buildings in the Kansas City area.

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