Keep the Character of Your Kansas City Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Keep the Character of Your Kansas City Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Being one of the very lucky residents that own a beautiful, traditional Victorian home definitely has its own set of benefits. Victorian homes are filled with character and can be highly desirable among potential buyers and lovers of history and art. Many historical Victorian homes located throughout Kansas City feature original stained glass windows that further promote the authenticity and character of the home. These antique stained glass windows require restoration once they reach the 75-year to 100-year age range.

Benefits of Restoring the Antique Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Victorian Home

There are numerous benefits when it comes to restoring the original stained glass within your Victorian home. These original stained glass features often have high antique value, making preservation financially beneficial for your property. Proper restoration can maintain antique value while also returning the stained glass back to its original condition. Stained glass restoration can actually extend the lifespan of your original windows for another 100 years. This allows you to keep the character in your Kansas City Victorian home intact while allowing future generations or future buyers the opportunity to treasure these stained glass windows as well. Antique stained glass restoration can be an extensive process but is well worth maintaining curb appeal, property value, and historical appeal.

Restoration Process for Original Stained Glass in Kansas City Victorian Homes

Kansas City Stained Glass offers a renowned stained glass restoration process that’s backed by decades of experience. Our comprehensive restoration process begins by carefully transporting your stained glass features back to our repair studio. From there, our stained glass artisans soak the glass for up to two weeks to remove dirt buildup and carefully restore all damaged pieces while creating new lead came for optimal stability/

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