Stained glass skylights can complete your interiors design.

Stained glass skylights can complete your interiors design.

Does your Kansas City home have one or more skylights? They are a beautiful feature that can add a lot of light into your home, and architectural interest as well. They also just happen to be a really stunning place to add stained glass.

Imagine the sun shining through the design of your choice . . . lighting up the space in new and intriguing ways. Imagine adding a gorgeous piece of custom designed art in such a unique and unusual way. Skylight stained glass can really change the whole look and feel of a room in very surprising ways.

For instance, if you use beveled glass – the kind where the edges of each piece of glass are cut on an angle – you will have pretty prisms of light dancing through your room when the sun shines through. It’s like bringing rainbows right into your home. This happens because the angles on the glass refract the light in a certain way.

Or what if you want to add a pop of vibrant color to an otherwise neutral or pale room? Again, skylight stained glass is a fabulous way to do it that will add value to your home, not just aesthetic appeal.

Stained glass has always been popular for skylights, and with good reason. It is dramatic, eye catching, beautiful, and adds an element that can take your décor from appealing to incredible. Skylight stained glass has appeared throughout the centuries in train stations, concert halls, churches, museums, the homes of the wealthy, the iconic homes of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and now . . . in your home? Why not!


When you work with Kansas City Stained Glass, every piece of stained glass we make is custom designed to your tastes and ideas and even to your budget! Whether you have a small skylight in your bathroom or a huge skylight in the living room, we will design and build the perfect skylight stained glass for the room.

Do you need some inspiration? Take a look at these famous stained glass skylights.

The Palau de la Musica in Barcelona

Union Station, Worcester MA

Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

The beauty of a stained glass skylight is timeless. And it can be created in any style you like, any colors you like, any patterns you like. It can even be constructed with no color at all, just clear and frosted or textured glass.

If you have a skylight, we are sure you’ve already been enjoying all the light it brings into your room, the sound of the rain pinging off it, and the view of the sky it affords. But why not take it a step further, and turn that skylight into a piece of art you will never grow tired of?

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